m of care – dec 18

m of care – dec 18 (business mtg week – alternating)

[wasn’t going to listen in.. but then nika tweeted part would be on visual assembly.. so listening in] – 39 people at start

agenda points (from https://davidgraeber.industries/museum-of-care/#2020-12-18)

1) John Fass will visit to present the funky MoC on a new social platform (CR)

john: primarily a social idea to galvanize community and foster convo.. diff function to a museum.. about seeing/looking.. not really around supporting convo.. so thinking about discord as a place convos might happen.. slack is similar.. shared screenshot (very vr ish) on the creating of rooms.. really playful rather than a spacialized catalogue.. can walk thru people et al.. what’s good about discord.. don’t need to redesign it and it’s free.. virtual speakeasy..

clive: looks like discord is going to be a pay for service in future..

everyone talking about pros.. and mostly cons .. has me wondering why can’t just try it.. and get in habit of nomadicism.. no?

john fail: more meta question of what we’re becoming.. if going to have active online virtual and in person.. then turning into a community.. and so i’m like sure.. discord.. zoom.. i don’t have a problem with which.. just need to make sure know what we’re about

next did updates of groups

  • Decisions: Yash

yash: trying to collect diff ways of consensus making.. idol way to facil m of care .. what are principles specific to m of care by which we should be facil ing our mtgs

gabi: important to make smaller mtgs more often to go with the care/community ness

  • Archive: Gabi

gabi: on documenting everything.. some confusion regarding diff between projects and rooms.. i can’t differentiate.. apart from it.. i will try to make this archive as public as possible and update it as we go

tj: we’re still in this primordial phase.. ie: renaming groups et al.. so quite understandable at this early stage that we have these issues.. and good to work them out.. will strengthen our intuitions.. clear our confusions

gabi: so this is being done at least.. and there’s hope.. archives are boring.. amazing/important.. but..

yash: just to say.. i’ve gone on archives.. someone has david’s lectures on there.. i think i know what i’m doing this weekend..

gabi: i did separate m of care archives (the one i’m doing) and david archives

  • Website: Andre? 

(andre not here) clive: still have a few kinks.. will be live soon

nika: it’s beautiful.. happiest day of my life

matt: tj sent email out w link and ways to make suggestions

  • Fundraising: Nika?

nika: going to divide fundraising in 3 parts: 1\ infra – won’t get this from others.. don’t need much.. difficult to remain independent if we do 2\ projects ie: va; money theory project; .. people fundraise then make own room 3\ residences.. then turn out to be rooms.. money is not coming to us.. we’re just here to help.. by using our frame

nika: on freedom to leave.. what’s done in rooms belongs to people there.. so if not happy anymore.. can take their stuff and leave

dennis: should discuss ideas of time banks and integrating it into m of care structure.. we have to think a lot about this.. how to set it up.. alt econ.. good/bad ways to do it.. but independent of getting funds..

nika: add that.. we’ll put in final statement

  • Press: Clare J?

clare: press release up.. probably want to talk to nika to get in depth ness on david

  • Rooms: Dennis?

dennis: have excel sheet w 30 room proposals.. need to figure a way to make them more presentable.. if we just put it on website will lose interactive format.. somebody suggested renaming residency group to room group


city sketchup ness

dennis: maybe we should make a pitch on mailing list.. explaining what it means to get involved..

john fail: we need to be offering them something.. we aren’t rushed are we?

gabi: plan is oct 11 2021.. but planning to have us.. see how the work first

nika: ie: russia and places where we can try places before october..

dennis: i don’t think anything speaks against beta.. try anything before launch

2) V-A and all this people who NEED a letter from MoC for the participation in event on October 11-10-2021 (ND)

started at 1:50 –

tj played 2 min visual assembly video of david

elizabeth (faith school prof – from prior meeting) – lot of resonation .. tj maggie and i working on developing a course proposal on va for feb-oct.. lessons, studios, to explore va.. also looking at other ie’s of this.. so for people interested in just testing it out

elizabeth: interesting part of convo around pedagogy.. formally i’m a math instructor who works w visual artists.. and artists most opposite to math.. so thinking of pedagogy.. ie: have someone ready another art world while people do their art

tj: this applicable to reading group as well.. one asked.. will i be shunned if i didn’t read.. i think we’re culturally illiterate.. seems to be that is a social/physical process.. not looking at symbols on page and getting into head.. maybe.. having people read before .. maybe that’s backwards.. david explained once.. that while he read he writes down little dialogues w the author.. very exciting and i think can be applied to reading group

totally what i do

3) proposals for reading group texts (ND)

voted on what kind of group they want next week.. popular vote decided.. got: fun reading group for dec 25.. talk about whatever.. free form social

then voted for jan 1.. got: continue w art communism discussion .. part 2

vassily sent survey out for future group options.. said he had results.. but then somebody said.. there.. i just voted now.. so didn’t even have all results of people who wanted to vote

this process took us about 10-15 min? 3-4 people deciding/influencing what to vote on (42 here) – i didn’t vote.. wonder how many others didn’t.. gotta be a better way

4) Constitution… we need one, lets make one. (CF)

clare: how to set up infra that is able to modify self and grow.. benefits to having a constitutional basis.. to align around.. making it simple to bring people in .. looking at diff ways people have built constitutions to help institutions that are flowing/moving.. then maybe get small team to create it.. et al

nika: just think it’s extremely important to have founding docs.. so people know where we stand.. i would advice against having a small group then bring to discussion.. i would just put everything online.. put all discussions online.. more transparent.. et al.. but we could do presentations of diff ie’s.. like chile, iceland, et al





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