m of care – apr 1

1st of April, 2021 we run an experiment! For the first time, our assembly has no agency, no plan, no guests. 
Suggested by Gabi this is will be a Fool’s Day Assembly.

no agenda


notes/quotes from mtg:

wow.. only 10 present (topped at 13) – talking about what april 1 means.. nika googling it.. saying it’s her fav day and she’s never googled it..

nika.. on potential project of writing.. on reality and dreams.. on how most of what we live in is not true

clare: where’s gabi.. i was wondering if this thing was her april fools

nika: i’m always living a life very structured.. so today i’m just .. whatever.. like.. i don’t care.. so happy to see everybody

clare: i had diff interp of april 1.. my son didn’t go to school because afraid of what people would do.. so diff take.. if on receiving end..

clare: we should prank gabi.. we should say something important happened.. say.. this is where we found the revolution..

nika: i was also so sad today.. showed book from friend on death.. for project w simona (anthro for kids book on what is death.. and how diff cultures think about death)..

nika: trying to find partner/group.. to interview.. we’re doing one w matt about info/tech.. what is language..

matt: no national language in us.. so can ask for interpreter because such a mix

idiosyncratic jargon ness

nika: it’s all these belief systems so hard to recognize.. inside of our heads

michael reinsborough: met david walking down street to an airport at demonstration.. london.. then we all jumped on train.. police chasing us.. so just talking w hi on the street.. then after that met him at various demonstrations

anca made host.. then found out people waiting to get in – 14 now.. had gone to 10 after everyone accidentally kicked off

sevda: i wish we could all gather in one place

nika: i think we will

michael: on first on internet activists.. getting to know each other.. then suddenly meet them f to f.. and say.. oh you are (email address).. a little bit easier to meet people online..

nika: visual assembly in ny – oct 11

got up to 19

yash: we actually do pranks the whole month.. in india.. lots of pranks




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