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[new york]

intro’d to Leo here – by Patrick:

first post on leo code


great video of the two of them here:

leo learning to code post


their interview on today:

leo and patrick on today


interview on cnn:

journeyman on cnn


find/follow their journeyman:

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their journeyman site:

journeyman site


and the launch..

leo and app

there are a lot of people who could do a lot of great things.. and i think that sometimes.. that potential could be lost.. – Patrick



Mark, Marc, ..


this isn’t (doesn’t need to be ) rare.

imagine – facilitating authenticity…

finding all the geniuses inside.. waiting to be seen/heard/loved.


jack et al

and imagine if we called – facilitating curiosity – school – in the city – as the day?

7 billion such researchers/entrepreneurs/happy people.. no?