kitra cahana

kitra cahana

ted 2014:

Stories of the homeless and hidden

they choose to look through the prism of liberation and freedom – they’d rather live off the excess of what they view as a wasteful consumer society.. than slave away at an unrealistic chance at the traditional american dream

choice to live like this – answer is as varied as the people that take to the road – but they often respond with a single word….

… freedom

until we live in a society where every human is assured dignity in their labor so that they can work to live well – not only work to survive.. there will always be an element of those who seek the open road as a means of escape, of liberation, and of course, of rebellion…

none of us are free



july 2013:

exploration of hiddenness..

3 min – need of youth to remove themselves from all things… that essentially feel fake..


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Kitra at tedmed2014:

dimming down the external chatter.. falling in love with life and body anew

we surrounded him as the cocoon of healing. we became his mouthpiece.

there are no dead ends…

paralysis as an opening..