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Kin Lane (@kinlane) tweeted at 4:31 PM – 15 Feb 2017 :

What Do You Mean When You Say You Are Training A Machine Learning Model? – (

I use my blog as a *reference for my ideas and thoughts, and I didn’t want to lose this one. I’m playing with machine learning so that I can better understand what it does, and what it doesn’t do. It helps me to have good explanations of what I’m doing, so I can help turn other people on to the concept and help me make more sense (some of the time). We are going to have to develop an ability to have a conversation about the artificial intelligence and machine learning assault that has already begun. It will be important that we help others get up to speed and see through the smoke and mirrors.

sounds so much like hosting-life-bits

When it comes to training algorithmic models using art, there isn’t any machine learning going on. My model isn’t learning art. When I execute the model against an image it isn’t making art either. I am just training an algorithm to evaluate and remember an image, creating a model that can then be applied to other images–transferring the characteristics from one image to another algorithmically. In my work it is important for me to understand the moving parts, and how the algorithmic gears turn, so I can tell more truthful stories about what all of this is, and generate visuals that complement these stories I’m publishing.

thinking.. that’s the best it will do..? do it better than now.. but not learning like people learn..

interesting.. that i just watched waking life last night.. had no idea what rotoscoping ness was..


i have much more to learn here.. api ness et al

Application program interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. An API specifies how software components should interact. Additionally, APIs are used when programming graphical user interface (GUI) components.


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I am the paying attention to the technology, business, and politics of APIs.

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Researching the tech, business, and politics of APIs–tune into for the news.


Bryan Alexander (@BryanAlexander) tweeted at 6:48 AM – 17 Jan 2018 :

Fascinating update on 911, 211, 511 etc services by @kinlane and @audreywatters : (

8 min – kin – on smart cities being a mess because of open data ransacking..ness..

911-emergency phone   211-local social services  511-transit/travel/parking/biking services   311-report incident    411-directory    et al