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karam foundation

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Karam strives to make tomorrow better than today by helping people help themselves.

Karam means generosity in Arabic. In other languages, Karam means duty. It means to act. It means that your actions today will affect our lives tomorrow. Basic cause and effect.
And the reality that what goes around comes around. Karma.

let kids know they have not been forgotten.. every child deserves to play


intro’d to them via Molly Crabapple.. and her work with their zeitouna camps in turkey and syria..


ZEITOUNA is a creative therapy and physical wellness program designed to inspire and heal the youngest victims of the Syrian humanitarian crisis: the children.

With over 3 million refugees and 8 million internally displaced, Syria is the largest humanitarian crisis of our lifetime. While the brutal living conditions of displacement severely affect all Syrians, the youth bear the most trauma of war: lost homes, security, communities, educations. These factors threaten to culminate in lost futures of an entire generation.

Karam Foundation’s Innovative Education programs counters these traumatic factors by instilling a love of creativity and athletic sports, caring for the youths’ physical and mental wellbeing, restoring confidence by building trusting bonds between mentor and child, exposing youth to advanced technology, and developing leadership skills for the future.

 Zeitouna is based on three simple concepts:

  • every child deserves to play

  • every child deserves a mentor

  • every child deserves to be inspired.


Zeitouna will support our host school, the Jeel School, by providing long-term investment items for the school that will extend our mission long after we leave.


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