first intro’d to the term by Venessa and Bernd ..


sunday, april 18, 2010


junto is moving… and it’s extremely exciting.
Junto is a concept for a global communications/collaboration platform. It starts with a simple interface, combining video chat with a text box and a twitter backchannel, all streaming in public, real-time. In Venessa‘s last post she even mentioned pivot.
Venessa Miemis is the inspiration and though she might not admit it… quite the mastermind behind it. Her twitter bio reads: futurist, philosopher, thought architect, metacog. MA candidate in Media Studies at The New School.
Venessa has not only brought together a great and much needed concept…  conversations that matter, seen clearly in her letter to Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the world wide web, but she is also bringing together brilliantly innovative minds that are able to think and see past buzzwords and glitz to things that matter, and who are also able to make them happen.
Emily Cunningham, in her post,  Me, We and Junto, cites that in formulating the ideas behind Junto, Vanessa modifies the Chatroulette model asking, Now what if instead of the “roulette” format, with two random stranger in a conversation for no good reason, what if we do this as purposeful dialogues between intelligent people to discuss big ideas?
#junto is certainly worth  following, better yet – worth jumping in…

sunday, june 6, 2010


first official time… just Bernd, Adam and I
second official time.. add Jim in the mix and Bernd recording..

Edchat first virtual meetup on Junto from Bernd Nurnberger on Vimeo.

Bernd blogged about this plan. amazing.. will be very cool to document/tag conversation.
the goal is to get more value out of live energetic conversation that builds collective intelligence, as Venessa and collaborators envisioned in the Junto concept.
huge thank you to all the Junto creators… @VenessaMiemis @aquarious @notthisbody @gavinkeech @CoCreatr
then tonight… a smattering of people.. like a drop in party.. no recording.. just a lot of testing. and laughing.
thank you @giftedteacher, lauren, aimee, maddie, keaton, amy, toni, @wrathofmobius, liz, seth, @gcouros, @hassl2325, @lasic, and mr4 for giving it a go.
i hollered everyone up via the link on twitter or skype, most kids i texted and had them go to talk.ed chat for the link.
when we got done.. found this on talk-ed.

kids are so cool. it’s summer.. and they show up on a whim.. one even in costa rica.

give it a try? go to http://dave.parsons.edu/junto/ and create a room… once in.. the bottom left corner will have a link to share with those you want to join.
hints: everyone use ear buds, click on the modem and drop to dsl, add webcam in settings, just to the left of close

tuesday, june 8, 2010



sunday, june 13, 2010

forms of communication

[can’t get videos to embed here – go to link above – forms of communication – video of junto sessions

way over my head.. but looks very cool:
epub  via @tomfullerton

junto captured via screenr (screenr isn’t capturing guest audio):

tinychat captured via screenr:

super #junto capture via @cocreatr


saturday, june 19, 2010

cocreatr – sorting out the convo

Bernd and Venessa and others with #junto continue to work on ideas that matter… to re-use and get value in a transparent manner from recorded conversation….
i’m thinking – sophisticated cross between ted talks and edchat…
Bernd’s latest post on sorting out the conversation..
Bernd is brilliant. as is Venessa.

saturday, july 24, 2010

rscon10 – pre search

This is my draft for what I plan to share on aug 1 at the reform symposium – as an intro to this.
We would absolutely love feedback, if you are so inclined.
Like in the (blended) classroom we feel you should get a pre-search

I just attended an elluminate session where Jo Hart was so gracefully discussing the value of face to face conferences.

We can learn a lot if we see them as a certain size copy of thefractal of learning how to learn.
The need for personalization of learning shows up most during a lecture type time. It’s unlikely we all can remain engaged on one topic in a given time period (meaning all of us in ed or at a conference.) Not so unlikely for a specified community or tribe though, that has authentic connections.

In blended classes you get these opportunities:

  • pre-search of the topic-
  • a face to face meeting – one in which you are already entrenched in the topic and/or the people attending
  • re-search of the notes after (discussion/activity)
  • a re-play  ability to rehash any of the above, by hitting replay, by ongoing tweet/blog/junto conversations, etc

We hope during the time together, a most important time – you aren’t left with a de-search.
These other elements are so vital to upping the value of the times we spend together.
We hope you aren’t left with only the 2 feet rule or the back channel escape.

One beauty of fractal-thinking is seeing ourselves in what we wish for our students.

Many want the two feet rule.. ok – do we allow that for our students? Is there a better way… what if we got better at pre-search going? What if we only met together face to face if there was a reason – for each of us… not just the presenter at a conference or the teacher in a room….What if the main value of being together in a room was the people…that we chose to be with…

  1. I read 5 of your books, I know I’ll be on the edge of my seat.
  2. I read your pre-search notes and can’t wait for you to untangle some of them.
  3. I read your pre-search notes and other’s comments on them – I can’t wait to get together in a room with all of you and hash that out.
  4. I read your pre-search notes – and I won’t need the 2 feet rule – and I won’t use the backchannel as a bash tool –  because I’m picking this learning space, I’m prepped for that time together.

And if for some reason – it’s not what I expected, because that could still happen, it’s fine. No worries, I know of Carol Dweck’s growth Mindset and I also can’t wait to dig gems out of what I initially may view as disconnect.

We should model that – we should look more like pieces of the fractal.

The Coop is planning  a meet up – after just one Junto session. We’re craving time together. We have so many connections already. That’s how time together should be. 
Are we’re facilitating those times for our students to connect? Are we focusing on community – or are we assigning work that seems meaningful to us, and then expecting them to jump hoops to be dying to come into our classroom? Are we nudging, urging, providing for connections in the ubiquity of life that makes them crave our times together?

This is ridiculous, and impossible.
Well it was.
That’s the new.
The web is allowing us to getpivot wisdom out of the connected fractals of life  – helping us to see value in all that we do.. and spend our time on things that matter.
We’re headed for an authentic nclb.


saturday, october 23, 2010


cool jets guys…
have to go to link above – can’t embed

would certainly like to find out.
actually – i think we know.. no doubt…



then intro’d to the junto society via Gunther..

the junto societu