jean oelwang

jean oelwang

Jean is called a curiosity expert..

and is ceo of virgin’s unite:

virgin unite

Jean Oelwang


I’m a nomad with a love of adventure and a strong belief that business (and individuals) can be a force for good in the world. I’m proud to lead a team of brilliant people who are passionate about how we reinvent how we live and work in the world. Where else would you get the chance to be a part of changing the world for the better with 50,000 great entrepreneurial people, 80 businesses in over 15 industries and a crazy man with a beard who never accepts the unacceptable?


working with Richard Branson..


we are all individuals –

networked individualism.. ness rewire..


TEDxOxbridge – Stop Saving the World, Start Reinventing


neon street – homeless teens

3 things i learned:

1. the young man that stole my wallet, didn’t want to steal my wallet

2. i was not going to save them.. if anything they were going to save me.. their depth of dispair has given them great wisdom

3. how screwed up we are as a wealthy us society – that we are allowing 2 million young people to sleep in the streets…

at that point – i became obsessed with how to reinvent the system...

there is no planet b – we need to figure out how to live in planet a

for the first time we have the tech/tools/intelligence to reinvent..

how to take 3 systems: business, government, ngo/charity  – and reinvent for change

power of business if they deliver the right tools – so that people can empower themselves..

networked individualism ness – huge.. for 7 billion people.

in social media there is no hierarchy

projects called – the elders (come to a point in life that they have no other agenda than bettering humanity)- and the global village

silos, business leaders, global leadership – 3 silos

not just finding self – but finding others.. every single day

ni – ness

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