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i don’t want to explain spiritual things.. in scientific ways..

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arguably we are the most intellectual creature that’s ever walked on planet earth.. so how come then.. that this so intellectual being is destroying its only home.. because we only have the one home..  maybe one day people will be on mars.. but for the moment we’ve only got planet earth.. and we are destroying.. polluting.. damaging the future of our own species..  which is very counterproductive from an evolutionary perspective


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Maria Popova (@brainpicker) tweeted at 5:45 AM – 3 Apr 2017 :

Jane Goodall, who turns 83 today, on science, spirituality, and our highest human responsibility https://t.co/smY9uvnCzC https://t.co/cZP88oTVc9 (http://twitter.com/brainpicker/status/848863916499271682?s=17)