izzy paskowitz

izzy bw

[san diego, ca]

intro’d to Izzy here:

surf healing video


Eye To Eye With Katie Couric: Surfer’s Healing (CBS News)

Uploaded on Sep 13, 2007

Inspired by his own autistic son, champion surfer Izzy Paskowitz founded Surfer’s Healing, a camp for autistic children. He talks to Sandra Hughes. (CBSNews.com)

Isaiah speaks beyond words

Isaiah has a happy calm in the water

at the end of the day – i’m so exhausted – but my heart is giant… that’s the way i like feeling..

paskowitz surf camp (income so they can keep surfers healing free) site:

pasowitz surf


find/follow Izzy:

link twitter

link facebook


Izzy founded surfers healing 

with his wife Danielle:

izzy and wife

Surfers Healing Spotlight – Last Call With Carson Daly


dis order


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