horse of a different color

another way of looking at something..


perhaps we’re not yet *there (but could be)..

because today, we need to (and can) look at things differently.

*there: to a breathtaking betterness, to a narrative/actuality for 100% of humanity, to a disruptive sustainability, to equity – everyone getting a go

what if..

what keeps getting in our way is talk of \ obsession with…

  • math and science \ degrees

perhaps only 10% ish of people need a piece of paper saying they have school math.

if so, then what? perhaps we quit insisting we base 7 hrs a day, for 12+ yrs on content most people won’t use/need. perhaps we quit ending our sentences with.. and they did/didn’t do well on the test/level.


  • measuring things

perhaps we can’t measure things, especially things that matter.

if so, then what? perhaps we stop measuring things.


what if…

we give trust a go, and start focusing on just two things..

  • attachment

perhaps being known by someone, being invited to exist, is the food our souls crave.

if so, what then? perhaps we commit to meeting up 30/60 min a day with some small group. perhaps that saves us trillions in our current education, health, defense… funding. perhaps that space of permission, with nothing to prove, wakes 7 billion people up. perhaps we quit trumping our authenticity with trying to fit in.

attachment graphic color be

  • authenticity

perhaps finding/pruning/loving the thing you can’t not do is enough.

if so, what then? perhaps we find/unleash/have 7 billion artists/scientists/mathematicians, working together, finding/becoming us.

authenticity graphic color talk


what if is less about money and competition and proof..
and more about people and connection and trust.

if so, then what?

well. perhaps that changes most everything we’ve been focusing on.

ie: a market economy is no longer our focus; going to school, to get a diploma/degree, to get a good job, to earn a good living – no longer our focus/mandate/consumption.


what if…

we just see.

what if… 

we spend a very small fraction of what we’re already spending/doing/trying, and give – a horse of a different color – a go.

what if…

we bet on the sync.. on humanity/human capital..


Seth Godin – better & diff

a different experiment