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Venture Capitalist, Gera Venture

Guilherme Cintra is an analyst for Gera, a Brazilian investment company that is working to develop high-quality private schools for reasonable prices. Trained as an economist, he worked first in the financial industry, but found that unsatisfying. Gera allows him to apply the same skills to meet a critical need.

For the past few years, Guilherme—who is only 22 years old—has taught classes to give economically disadvantaged students the learning skills they need to escape a failing public school system and get into better schools. At Gera, he has surveyed the country to find the best ways to efficiently provide such students with a better education.

“We’re trying to change the way people manage schools in Brazil,” he says. In particular, Gera wants to make teachers and schools more accountable for their results–but to make that work, Guilherme says, teachers need better training and feedback so they know how they can improve.

It’s not enough, for example, just to put an iPad into a teacher’s hands. “You’ve just got a really expensive tool,” he says. Using technology wisely calls for the right software, such as apps that make math skills into games for elementary students—and, more important, teacher training to make the best use of the tools.

By 2030, Guilherme hopes that education will make better use of collaboration between students. “It’s not only about you and your books, but what you can share with other people,” he says. “I think that’s going to be huge.”

Outside of work, Guilherme likes to spend time playing the guitar and ukulele.