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intro’d to Evi via this Michel fb share

Evi Swinnen is our chairperson at the P2P Foundation, which will be moving from the netherlands to belgium

p2p foundation

Evi is an award winning civic entredonneur and behind the Timelab Bogdanovian makerspace in Ghent , Belgium, which is explicitely conceived as a commons:

common ing ness

subtiles in english and french, dutch spoken video profile of Evi and the lab::

4 min video


the creator’s lab and movement are a metaphor for how another way is possible

a nother way

we aim to create and use the city by reusing its raw materials

(lab) works on flexibility and demand (rather than overload).. can have an impact on the environ.. but not just one lab in one city.. cities need to be designed diff w more space for places like this

city sketch up ness

now it’s a blank slate.. in next two yrs will renovate it and work out how to fill it w a wide range of diff people.. it will be a ‘commons’ w an infra split over the widest range of actors we can, we its own rules

p2p sustainable w/o a master plan

i really believe that how we interact is key..  it’s by org ing things differently.. w new relationships that diff making change can occur

the use and defn of a space can’t be easily reversed

if you base everything on an interesting vision put forward at one time by maybe one individual in given political social and econ climate.. 10 yrs later things may have changed




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instigator // process innovator // subtle activist find me at  and 


 coordinator Timelab, life coach and strong interest in everything related to group dynamics and social structures. Specialized is co-creation and concept development methods. Loves analysis, research and hacking, less of rules and procedures.

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