erik martin

erik martin


intro’d to Erik during a #stuvoice hangout he did with Anya & Nikhil & Keaton & Raima.. on the test.


2013 –

How World of Warcraft Saved Me and My Education-TEDxRedmond

on depression – 11% of youth – one of greatest common denominators is school

mine stemmed from shame

being able to find friendship in a place like that was just enough to pull myself back together…

opposite of addiction hari





almost all of these healings happened outside of school

with the exception of a few exceptional teachers… school at large operates counter to the interest of children

we’re taught to fear the prospect of failure… we don’t deserve a second chance.

groundhog day matters… everyday a new day.. equity ness

how can you innovate in a system that fears so much failure..

neocortex ness


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this isn’t (doesn’t need to be ) rare.

imagine – facilitating authenticity…

finding all the geniuses inside.. waiting to be seen/heard/loved.


jack et al

and imagine if we called – facilitating curiosity – school – in the city – as the day?

7 billion such researchers/entrepreneurs/happy people.. no?