adding page at a time that the world (pjm) is screaming out earning ness’s intent/cancerous-result of perpetuating a culture of entitlement/rights(aka: assumption of lesser humans)

red flags


from Derrick Jensen‘s walking on water:


early in my book – the culture of make believe – i spent a couple very fun weeks researching and ruminating on the precise relationship between hatred, contempt, entitlement, and threats to that entitlement before the answer came clear, partly thru a quote .. by nietzsche ‘one does not hate when on can despise’.. so long as entitlement can be maintained thru tradition, philosophy, economics, the school system, and so on, those in power merely feel contempt for those they exploit..  but threaten that entitlement, and watch the lynchings begin..

entitlement ness

we could probably see the same thing on a much smaller scale in the classroom.. so long as student defer at all times to teachers, everyone gets along fine. but if students begin to question the teachers’ or admins’ authority too seriously, the smile on the face of this form of social control starts to become a tad brittle

smaller scale?.. or large.. isn’t this where it mostly begins..?


rights ness


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