Living and non-living parts. How to make sure the humans are part of the living parts.

[organism as fractal ..undisturbed ecosystem and meadows undisturbed law]

ego eco

perhaps we rethink manufactured pyramid vs organic network. rhizomatically too big to know.

perhaps we experiment with betterness …

…in an eclectic ecosystem… in the city as the day


from Howard Thurman‘s search for common ground


the total quantity of material making up the living organisms in any give area w/in the habitable zone is called biomass.. the total biomass on the planet has never and perhaps can never be measured.. w/in the biomass it is crucial to my thesis to point out that here also order, organization, is characteristic of ‘behavior’.. again grobstein: ‘a fundamental property of the biomass is its organization into assemblages of diff kinds of units – groups or organisms that exist in characteristic association w each other and their environ’.. such associations are seen as functional groupings essential to what is going on in the whole biomass and its component organisms.. such a secondary characteristic is called ecosystem


bachelard oikos law et al