donovan livingston

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intro’d to Donovan via his viral 2016 commencement speech/spoken word:

ed ..beyond all other devises.. great equalizer of conditions of men – horace mann 1848

we’ve known of knowledges infinite power.. but never questioned the keeper of the keys..

diff between classroom and plantation – how many times must we be made to feel like. quotas.. et al

beyond your curriculum/standards.. i am the strange fruit.. dream deferred..

take them off.. uncuff us…

she intro’d me to sound of my own voice.. our stories are ladders that make it easier to touch the stars.. pour out your soul..

i see them.. beneath mask.. mischief

at core.. none of us were meant to be common.. as we crash into everything..

injustice is telling them ed is the key.. while you continue to change the locks

ed is no equalizer.. it is the sleep that proceeds the american dream.. so wake up..

sky is not the limit.. only the beginning..

indeed.. equity.. everyone getting a go .. everyday.

a nother way

we can.. so we can’t not.. for (blank)’s sake


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