david isaacs

david isaacs

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@TWCcommunity – co-founder of #theworldcafe on “Keys to Collective Intelligence, part 1

Published on Oct 1, 2015

This video of David Isaacs talking about collective intelligence and how it emerges in the World Café process is one of a series by documentary videographer Martin Rausch.

there’s no limit to scale when you have many small groups in convo..

has to do with ways of harvesting the learning…

what we didn’t say in book – important that the host at the table not remain the same

we start with the assumption that the wisdom is already present in the room – can’t prove it – but can you accept it

ask people to move to 3 other tables… people start to hear the same story… same learning… write deeper questions on table..

end of rounds… rather than table reports…  in harvesting .. after 3-4 rounds.. passing mic – ask people to speak to what they are learning across the community.. what’s essential here

collected digitally – prof graphics person – shared

given what learned in convo.. that we didn’t have answer to… that we want to invest in.. as current.. as energy.. pose that in the plenary session.. as what if we questions… given what we learned.. what if we..

what’s important to the fish.. is the water.. but can’t see it till they’re out of it…. what if our water is conversation…

our water is convo isaacs

we’re talking all the time.. our way of surviving thriving…

need for zoom dance ness

being in conversation about questions that matter… it’s in everyone of us.. we all can do it.. regardless of age or stage


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2 convos.. a story about people grokking what matters… as the day.

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