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intro’d to David via hello i am david [https://www.netflix.com/title/80108376] – also on 4 yr old piano joy

notes/quotes from doc 1hr 38 min:

14 min – he thinks of rivers and trees when he plays.. not the notes

if he knew how difficult it was he wouldn’t be able to play it.. just living in this world just like a child in the good sense.. he doesn’t see the difficulties..

1 yr to be 5 ness

d: don’t be greedy.. don’t be selfish

15 min – d: the less you know the less you worry.. you have to know the plan you have to stay informed.. have to know what’s going on.. otherwise how will you know to get ready.. you know it’s all planned.. be happy.. keep smiling.. don’t worry.. no regrets..

20 min – i can swim as long as i want to

22 min – d while playing: freer freer.. more inviting.. trust trust.. to have trust

29 min – scott – gillian’s son: an unbelievably sweet, kind, generous, incredibly brilliant mind.. forgetting that he’s a great pianist.. he’s just a gorgeous human being.. he’s just impossibly wise, when he wants to tell you something.. sweetest.. kindest.. an incredible ability to communicate emotion and feeling and sensitivity and reassuring.. there’s something very calming in his touch

not yet scrambled ness

d: we want you to be happy.. it’s my bible

51 min – can’t watch/listen and not cry – as he plays.. and w orchestra.. so into it.. so in sync.. so moving

56 min – conductor: enjoy.. enjoy the moment.. we all know that.. but he practices it.. when playing w orchestra he sometimes gets distracted w his enthusiasm.. because he’s so happy the flute’s playing w him or the horn or celli, and at times it makes you wonder what will happen next.. as the conductor you need to keep an overview.. but that’s what gives the special.. improvisational character to the performance.. it’s underpinned by great piano playing.. it doesn’t have the hallmarks of perfection.. but of primeval musicality.. of drive, of reverie, and of great extremes.. that’s how music should be.. not one tempo from start to finish.. but a playfulness w the various characteristics of the music.. and it’s so full of that .. you have to concentrate when listening.. it’s not just ‘ok.. here we go’.. as one might think w rachmaninoff’s music.. it’s very intoxicating music, very sonorous, rousing music.. they knew how to live.. and david exudes all that in his own way.. w his joy and his jazz-man mode in which he plays his music

1:01 – gillian: i think his childhood was taken up almost entirely of playing the piano.. he loved it.. but as he got older he realized that he never had a normal childhood

1:03 – g: things started to go wrong when he was 15.. famous violinist recommended he go study at curtis institute in america.. he was accepted.. and his father wouldn’t allow him to go (after having said he bought a piano for david when they had no money).. david’s family polish.. lost nearly all their family.. so overprotective.. just said – you’re not going

1:04 – g: the father’s love was a bit conditional.. not just open hearted.. and this left a terrible scar on david.. 84-96 david talked about his father every night

g: on years in institutions.. and coming back to professional world of concert pianists

1:05 – g: on shine changing his life.. geoffrey winning oscar and david playing flight of bumblebee

1:08 – d: (on happiness being temporary but no peace of mind) heaven on earth is peace of mind.. in the moment.. it’s all relative.. everything in degree/perspective.. always someone worse than self

1:10 – rolf verres: the world needs outsiders.. the world needs people who don’t tick to the same beat.. who are more original.. who think less reverently.. and who simply don’t stick to the norms and rules as much


1:16 – conductor (after talking about the humanity of david’s hugs) david doesn’t think in categories.. he is human.. and sees all as good.. and the great fortune he has now after the hardship he’s been thru.. is the joy in playing/living and that rubs off on everyone.. in the concert hall

1:17 – (looks at audience most of time while playing – energy/talking/muttering/humming.. like a 4 yr old)

1:24 – g: david just naturally has a spiritual connection w life.. in some ways he’s just teaching himself the oneness of .. all.. but hard to keep him in one place.. on his gentleness calming a horse.. et al

higashida autism law et al

1:34 – d: hard work.. 99% perspiration 1% inspiration.. it is risky.. life is risky.. and music’s part of life and music’s risky


wikipedia small

David Helfgott (born 19 May 1947) is an Australian concert pianist. Helfgott’s life inspired the Academy Award-winning film Shine, in which he was portrayed by actors Geoffrey Rush, Noah Taylor and Alex Rafalowicz.


On stage, Helfgott is known for his unusual platform manner. In 1997, critic Anthony Tommasini noted that Helfgott “stares into the hall and renders a nonstop commentary of grunts, groans and mutterings”. Of a 1997 Helfgott recital in New Zealand, critic Denis Dutton wrote, “If, as Goethe claimed, architecture is frozen music, David Helfgott is the musician who finally proves the converse: that music can also be melted architecture — a structureless rubble of notes.”

structure less ness et al

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