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david carr


intro’d to David via this interview with Laura and Glenn and Ed:


 4:20 – to Glenn – want to congratulate you on pulitzer – but.. as fellow journalist.. kind of jealous… (after Glenn says.. kind of stale) ..  if i won one ..them babies would never get stale
made me think of Jeff – first person i knew who had won a pulitzer

i think there’s a through line (with my films): iraq, guantanamo, .. citizenfour brings hope. – Laura Poitras @citizenfour

people care about our ability to communicate/associate.. as long s we have that.. – Snowden @citizenfour

it’s incredibly satisfying to be a part of something bigger than yourself. a peace doing what you think you should do. Snowden @citizenfour

“Ultimately, it’s not a film about me. It’s a film about us.” Edward Snowden @TimesTalks: snpy.tv/1AgV2Uq

then a short bit later, he collapsed in the times office.

then twitter let me see how much he was loved.

I love you and will miss you terribly brother @carr2n. The heart of the Internet just broke.

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Just watched @carr2n moderate a panel with @ggreenwald, Laura Poitras, and Snowden three hours ago. He was adept and hilarious. How tragic.

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Watching all this grief for @carr2n pour forth and testimonials, it’s a good reminder of what matters: Be good. Be kind. Be generous.

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When I was getting people coffee at NYT, David Carr treated me like I had a Pulitzer. In person and in the paper, he was a great.

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David loved this piece, and it’s my own favorite @carr2n masterwork: Neil Young Comes Cleanhttp://t.co/GVhZm6BP1J #DavidCarr

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Me and My Girls. David Carr on recovering from addiction. http://t.co/7Mb8hjtzWNhttp://t.co/TmV5HKwpka

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oh my.

p. 3 – If I said I was a fat thug who beat up women and sold bad coke, would you like my story? What if instead I wrote that I was a recovered addict who obtained sole custody of my twin girls, got us off welfare and raised them by myself, even though I had a little touch of cancer? Now we’re talking. Both are equally true, but as a member of a self-interpreting species, one that fights to keep disharmony at a remove, I’m inclined to mention my tenderhearted attentions as a single parent before I get around to the fact that I hit their mother when we were together. We tell ourselves that we lie to protect others, but the self usually comes out looking damn good in the process.

and p. 9 – I had no idea what I was doing, but children teach you how to care for them. ….As we spent more time together, they began to know me, and I came to adore them — madly, deeply, truly.

– –

In that hour we spent w/him, David Carr showed all the traits that made him beloved: idiosyncratic, hilarious, so authentic & deeply human.

Read time-line of @sethmnookin for a very representative collection of David Carr anecdotes.

Seth Mnookin retweeted

Years ago David Carr interviewed a bunch of us for a story on EW. At the end, he said, “Some of you are smart. Some aren’t,” smiled, & left.

I’m going to go watch my kids sleep and then crawl into bed and hope when I wake up I’ll discover this was all some awful fucked-up dream.

I’ve smoked 2 cigarettes/day for past 15 years. And now I’m done. I don’t want anyone I love to ever feel the way I’m feeling right now.

And: fuck you for not quitting smoking. You were most generous person I knew but you robbed me of decades of a real & much needed friend.

“…I think I would have punched you in the head.” I’m very sure I deserved it. Luckily he got another job first.

We briefly shared an office at Inside. I was single. “If I had to listen to you make one more call to some girl you were hitting on…

I think he was happier about my first book being published than I was. He was so truly, deeply generous.

My first (and only) Newsweek cover story closed at 11pm on a Saturday. David called at 11:20. “C’mon, brother — it’s time to celebrate.”

“So you’re the other asshole who keeps getting in everyone’s way.” He was right. (Neither of us had covered national politics before.)

Met him at the GOP convention in 2000. He was bugging @jaketapper and Topper sic’ed him on me. David’s opening line:

Outside of my family, handful of people I’d crawl through shards of glass to help. David was one of them. And i was 1 of thousands for him.

@ejwillingham: @sethmnookin Even with all of that, 58 is just a ripoff.” Like a horrible, horrible joke with no punchline.

I’d call him & we’d bark at each other & he’d start talking his own mumbo jumbo & then no matter what the sign off: I love you, brother.

Oh fuck. It’s hard to be surprised by the death of a chain smoker w/a health history that should be taught in medical school. But just fuck.

RIP, David. I love you. Keep on rowing away from the rocks.

David was just a lovely, wonderful, generous, caring, decent and human human being. And there are far fewer of those.

…was the the only thing that truly matters is being a decent human being. Yes, he was a great journalist. But so are lots of people.

And he was right. He was an inspiration as a father. We learned a lot from each other. But the most valuable thing he taught me…

The one thing I really know how to do is be a dad. And now all the girls are gone. So what now?” To hear David say that was so beautiful.

I asked him what was wrong. “you’re so lucky,” he told me. “your kids are so young.” I asked him what he meant.

He came to my house and hung out with me and my five year old. The two of us took a walk afterwards and he seemed out of sorts.

The last time I saw David was when we got together after he dropped his youngest daughter off at college.



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David Michael Carr (September 8, 1956 – February 12, 2015) was an American columnist and author. He wrote the Media Equation column and covered culture for The New York Times. In 2014, he was named the Lack Professor of Media Studies at Boston University, a part-time position.