daniel reisel

daniel reisel


intro’d to Daniel here, ted2013:

The neuroscience of restorative justice

like they knew the words.. but not the music of empathy

normally – acquiring moral behavior is part of growing up.. learning to speak

1990s – studies started showing evidence of neurogenesis.. birth of new brain cells

rat park ness – demos neurogenesis

rat park

brain is capable of change way into adult… also capable of stress… interplay between nature/nurture real time in front of our eyes

10 min – our current solution for people with stressed amygdalas is to place them in an environment that actually inhibits any chance of further growth

restorative justice.. helping perpetrator see victim as real person..

1\ change mindsets.. changed way we run schools..et al.. but not our prisons


2\ create an alliance… so show able to reduce reoffending rates

3\ change our own amygdalas… change our view of the perpetrator… if we see them as irredeemable… how can they rehibilitate

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from his about page:

I am a hospital doctor and as a research fellow in epigenetics at University College London. I completed my PhD in Neuroscience in 2005, investigating how learning rewires the brain. Since then, my research has been concerned with the effect of life events on gene function. I’m currently training to become an accredited restorative justice facilitator with the UK Restorative Justice Council.


cure violence et al

a nother way.. to learn to be.. ongoingly