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intro’d to Craig via lse ness..

adding page after intro’d to and started following Nicolas.. and so.. when seeing this:

president of bergruen institute..


2014 – power of imagination we create some of the reality that we live in by imagining it..phenom of social imaginary gives us not just some topics that we talk about..but very way we talk/think of world

2 min – solidarity of people in groups shaped by imagining.. to say product of imagination doesn’t say it can be easily changed but that it can be changed.. that we can think a different way and make a different reality..

3 min – not a problem of making decisions (ie: voting) but a problem of understanding.. how do we come to some real understanding.. who even is this we.. the way in which a group of people comes to be we.. is a sharing.. but also a distinction..from others..

4 min – reality depends on culture.. repetition.. use.. how we think/talk about it

5 min – voting is a good thing.. but may be something that is best done when already relative peace.. already rule of law.. already institutions formed..

or maybe we don’t need voting ness anymore.. ie: redefine decision making.. because public consensus always oppresses someone..

6 min- on getting along with strangers..

willing to consider what other says and possibly be changed by it


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President of (Berggruen Institute). Global Distinguished Professor at NYU and Centennial Professor at the LSE.

from video:

how do people get organized to do things they think are important

ie: hosting-life-bits

it’s not discipline or no discipline.. it’s how you use various tools to think..

create ability for people to do both/and

strong commitment to public sphere/goods..

the institution can’t stand still.. there’s no choice not to change.. the question is how do you do it

antifragile ness

regret – took long time to see.. we don’t have choice of whether to face future.. just how..

everyday i regret i don’t have time to read books.. teach students.. but everyday.. (happy to be working at lse) proud of academic work but not so proud that it’s more important than enabling 1000s at lse to do great work..

imagine enabling 7 bn to do great work.. everyday.. as the day.. a nother way

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Craig Calhoun (born 1952) is an American sociologist and the current president of the Berggruen Institute. An advocate of using social science to address issues of public concern, he was the Director of the London School of Economics and Political Science from September 2012 until September 2016 when he left to become the first President of the Berggruen Institute. He was previously president of the Social Science Research Council and was University Professor of the Social Sciences at New York University and Director of NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge. With Richard Sennett he co-founded NYLON, an interdisciplinary working seminar for graduate students in New York and London who bring ethnographic and historical research to bear on politics, culture, and society.