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To have a contrary or opposing effect or force on

thinking this is one of the main reasons we need a global do over – which begs a leap.. of/for everyone (otherwise we counteract each other/energy)

part of why i got into this all/nothing ginorm/small mentality in the first place.. seeing first hand how energies of people et al ..counteract each other.. to the point that it could end up with those small acts be countered/zeroed daily..

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Vinay Gupta (@leashless) tweeted at 4:53 AM on Sun, Feb 24, 2019:
Is this true?

which people instantly countered

Marco Angelo (@marcoangelouk) tweeted at 5:29 AM on Sun, Feb 24, 2019:
#FakeNews Total BTC annual power consumption (now) = 47.58 TWh. 2017 Global Solar output = 460 TWh. Sources – &

but it doesn’t really matter if this particular is true or not.. we keep on countering things all the time.. everyday.. to the point that ie: unless everyone is free.. none of us will be


this seen in money dealings.. saving/debt et al.. and so too helping us to see the ridiculous ness of money to humanity