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intro’d to Christopher via his tedx co springs from 2015

when play.. learning stuff.. via prof of media studies.. public pedagogy: how societies are taught ideologies

all the constituent social relations that make us up as people… but we live in a 100% media saturated society..

so.. how do we learn about society.. thru media.. but.. media.. exist as corp entities..

when distribution of information is tied to financial gain there’s a problem… via 50 cos… 2015 media via 6 cos

media can’t tell us what to think..

they tell us what to think about.. they control the convo.. 

walt disney – 100% penetration in our society..

since 1937 – made most of its money selling princesses to girls.. but. in 2012 – purchase lucas film for 4 bill.. but no princess leah in stories.. because that princess messed with public pedagogy for the other princesses..

hashtag.. in 2012 – wewantleah… disney says.. coming.. still 2015..  not there

if make money selling princesses to girls.. also want to make money selling superheroes to boys..

8 min – on the girls erased in merchandise.. and/or replacing girls with guys..

9 min – black widow – star of 5 diff marvel movies.. not a single piece available..

10 min – i’m tired of having to ie: go to twitter and say.. ie: wheresnatasha

of 30 films.. 2 will have female solo leads..

these co’s are teaching my daughter.. that even if strong.. et al.. it odesn’t matters.. she will be ignored/erased/replaced..

tom boy – so traits on loan from boys.. but how much grief.. none.. call her feisty.. adding male traits to girls is seen as an upgrade..

12 min – mike and my little pony.. millions of boys/men.. bronies… learning in this fem sissified world.. study/work hard.. do good.. and heave preserve us from teaching these concepts to boys.. and so.. other kids in neighborhood pick on mike.. beat him up.. make fun of him.. at 11.. mike hangs himself..

we have developed a society where you would rather be dead as a boy than thought of as liking stuff for girls.. that is not mike’s fault .. that is our fault.. we have failed our children.. and 

we have to do better

it’s important that boys play with and as female superheroes just as it’s important that my daughter plays with and as male superheroes..

in my future.. boys/girls equally respected/valued/represented..

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Dr. Bell has served as an Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs since the summer of 2010. He specializes in the study of popular culture, focusing on the ways in which race, class and gender intersect in different forms of media. Dr. Bell’s primary research areas are young adult culture, particularly dystopian young adult literature and comic books. He serves as the chair of the Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association’s Harry Potter Studies division. He teaches both theory and methodology courses in critical analysis of popular culture, rhetorical theory, representation theory and mass media. Dr. Bell is a nationally-touring speaker on issues of race, class and gender in the media, and has presented work at regional, national and international conventions and conferences. In what little spare time is left over, Dr. Bell is an author of the children’s books Do Not Open the Door! and Do Not Look Under the Rug!, a competitive gamer competing on regional and international circuits, and travels with his wife and daughter.

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