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Carolina is an activist on intellectual property law.

intro’d to her here (as posted by Michel on fb):

ECC2013 Knowledge Stream Keynote

what if fear changes sides…

Published on Oct 30, 2013

Economics and the Commons 2013 Knowledge Stream keynote by Carolina Botero, introduced by Mike Linksvayer.

Commons is not the absence of exclusivity but the presence of non-exclusivity – which is a slight but important difference –the plenitude of non-exclusivity.

the power relation can change

how can commons become the rule and not the exception

image of what happens when you show

She showed a global map illustrating which nations received royalties and fees from copyrights and patents in 2002; the United States

imagination and knowledge is a problem.. we can’t just think on exclusivity

can we measure commons values

17 min – facing public vs private – is not really common

24 – if we keep after the cc/fighting piracy/hacking law.. we have to take care of public domain.. if we keep focusing more and more on protection…it will take more time, more money, more marginalization.. and public domain will disappear. ie: disney – who can say that cinderella was disneys good idea – he just took it from the public domain – that wasn’t his idea and he made tons of money off it..

when and how did we accept that the autonomy of all is subservient to control of knowledge by few…


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