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boniface miwangi


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an african’s message for america


how do you discover yourself/get your voice.. then you give .. to the world..

i don’t think we need to be helped.. but are challenges are connected..

as you try to save the world, you neglect issues at home..

this country – you can’t be you – why do you want to save us – save your own country…


ted global 2014

the day i stood up alone

kenya – a country where you are guilty until proven rich

told to be smart cowards… stay out of trouble.. you stay alive

2 important days: the day you are born – and the day you discover why

there’s nothing as powerful as knowing you’re meant to do this…

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Boniface Mwangi (born July 10, 1983) is an award-winning Kenyan photojournalist making a name for his social-political activism under the banner, Kenya Ni Kwetu (Kenya is our Home). The Nairobi-based lobby strives to enable a patriotic citizens’ movement to take bold and effective actions in building a new Kenya. He is popular for his stunning images on the post-election violence that hit Kenya in 2007-2008. He is also the founder of Picha Mtaani, a youth-led peace initiative that primarily seeks to create space for young people to reconcile and become agents of reconciliation to their respective communities.

His latest initiative is Pawa 254, a hub he has (largely) funded himself, and space for artists and activist to work together towards social change and advancing human rights in Kenyan society.



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You destroy lives accumulating wealth but when you die you won’t be buried with it,your money won’t bring you back to life,its all useless.


Boniface Mwangi (@bonifacemwangi) tweeted at 6:17 AM – 17 Oct 2018 :
We need to debunk this myth that activists are superhuman and have all this time and money to worry about citizens. A good number of them are poverty-stricken, suffer from depression, and are not even acknowledged for their hard work, the security risks.. (