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Ben Hewitt – rural unschooling:

..what I most want for my boys can’t be charted or graphed. It can’t be measured, at least not by common metrics. 

Kerry McDonald – urban unschooling:

“The city is our curriculum,” says McDonald. “We believe that kids learn by living in the world around them, so we immerse them in that world.” Their “classrooms”—sidewalks, museums, city parks—may appear drastically different from those of my sons. But the ethos remains the same, that a child’s learning is as natural and easy as breathing.


sept 2014:

npr audio:

unschooling – more like immersion learning

perhaps we can facilitate 7 billion immersion learners


nov 2014

explaining unschooling – audio

5 min – Ben’s confidence

9 min –  a million diff things to a mill diff families.. rather than 1 thing to a mill diff families

12 min – on missing/getting opportunity

13 min – Ben addresses – what about fields that need by the book learning..


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It’s not about making learning happen, it’s about making room for learning to happen. (sept 4 post)

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his latest book – out sept 9 2014:

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about the book:

This is a beautifully written, honest, introspective, soul-revealing, and soul-stirring account of one family’s choice to live close to nature and to allow their children to learn naturally, without school, in a self-directed manner. The book’s biggest message, I think, is that we do have choices; we can chart our own lives, we don’t have to follow the crowd if we don’t want to.       –  Peter Gray


This book fills me with both sadness and joy. My sadness is for the millions of children locked in schools, looking out the windows as the precious days of childhood pass them by. My joy comes from knowing this eloquent book will inspire many to choose a different path.        –   Charles Eisenstein


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