ash-lee woodard henderson

ash lee henderson bw

 I’m looking forward to having conversations about how to build a just world …

jumping into that conversation..

what gets me up in the morning..

what change would i create..


Ash-Lee is one of idec 2013’s coffee talkers:

idec 2013 coffee talkers


Speak Now Against the Day: TN Activist Ash-Lee Henderson on Next Steps for Anti-Mountaintop Removal Movement..

ash lee post on huffpo


find/follow Ash-Lee on facebook:

ash lee on fb

where, today, she pleads with us/people to read this:

white allies


oct 2014:

City Without Tears Documentary part I

at 6ish min ..? gal said that what they need is…
something else to do..
something else to do

see Ash-Lee about 12 min

16 min – new deal – did some stacking rather than equal opportunity

very end as credits…
did that renaissance happen for everybody..? emphatically no it didn’t..


protest ness

revolution of everyday life ness