app flow (z-out)


















in order to model another way to spend our days, perhaps some app/chip would act as a temporary/placebo-like/jump-start/facilitator. where each person would spend 33 min a day on 2 conversations  (3 min talking to self into app and 30 min w/home base group).

the 3 min convo into app/chip producing 3 things (pictured in graphic above):

1\ people find/see/become their authenticity

people talking to self in an an echo ic chambersafe space – everyday.

2\  people find their tribe/people

tech uses daily self-talk as data to connect/suggest potential tribes/affinity groups via word recognition. shortening time between intention and action everyday. (ie: security in getting a fresh start at minimum every 24 hours)

3\  people leave a trail

tech uses ongoing daily self-talk to create mapping/non-linear-portfolio as a person’s evidences(cringe)/credentials(cringe)/augmented-memory. the best part perhaps, is that this trail is left w/o the person spending 70+% of their day proving themselves and/or trying to document everything themselves


from app/chip update ideas