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it stopped being about journalism when i chose a side, and is chose their side…

whether it was realistic or journalistic – it no longer mattered

art can remind people that they need to care

quotes above via video on http://www.upworthy.com/a-journalist-went-near-mount-rushmore-to-take-some-photos-what-he-found-changed-his-life-forever?c=fea


Aaron’s 2010 ted talk:


his annenberg talk jan 2013:

aaron hueys talk at annenberg

please forgive me:

a talk on …


a constantly negotiated peace:

i ride a ridiculous roller coaster of emotion on pineridge

when i give talks of these pictures – i have to say all these feelings that i don’t have to take in while i’m making them

a great warrior culture:

idle no more

idle no more

the voice of a holy man:

now – no matter what color my skin is, no matter if they like it or not, … we are all related

a work with many lives:

my evolution – i learned to listen more carefully

charlie – i think you should take some pictures of the good side, aaron huey – you can do better

that is when i chose a side

Shepard’s focus for 2013-2014


the unedited voice:

stories – completely unedited, 60 stories to 300…

pineridge storytelling project

pineridge story tellers page on this site

question 1:

from book – whole 7 yrs like a ceremony – where i let myself break

question 2:

i’m talking about right now, and that’s what Wade Davis is talking about, and that’s what we all should be talking about. so yeah – i hope this starts dialogue, because if this doesn’t, i don’t know what’s going to

question 3:

wait – i can’t give them a voice..

question 6:

the youth need the support and ed .. to go out and rebuild this whole world…


Aaron Huey is an American photojournalist and documentary photographer who is most widely known for his walk across America in 2002 and his work on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.


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