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public publicattachment graphic color beImagine…in our district of 15,000 ish kids, math says that’s about a 1 to 8 ratio.

So in the life of a day.. you would meet up for one hour (or 30 min – whatever people decide) with this group. Five days a week. You could have a set place [in redesigned school buildings, public libraries, coffee houses, parks …] or change it up each time, up to you. You just would need to come together. No agenda for the time spent, just sharing space, with a goal of eventually getting to know each other. Imagine NCLB (No Child Left Behind) becomes no child left without anattachment to some adult.

Many in public ed know of this idea, we’ve called it many things, ie: advisory. Often we’d start the day with this group. However, it was an add-on to the day. It wasn’t    as the day   Many didn’t count it as legit because their day was so full already.

Groups that seem to be working this time out successfully: The Met; Patchwork; Mission Hill;  City Nieghbors HS – see pod at 2 min in …; Jeffco Open School; CCU; ..]

So imagine, meeting up in a small group one hour a day, as playing out of #1 in the redefinition of public ed.

[aka: making sure everyone has the luxury of that daily family meal, of backup]

Imagine everyone – being known by someone.



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[A Declaration of *Interdependence.]

The term *interdependency came as we were researching laws for homeless teens.


recommend: Gabor Mate, talk on attachment, and/or book, Hold On To Your Kids

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a story about what it means to be known: