writing my own job description

my dream job description

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written jan 8, 2010

This is how it’s happening in my mind just now thanks to the good read…doing what you love:

For those so inclined: The black and white version – defunkified as much as I could..
 Plan/host/tweak/sustain a Thompson School District 
Innovation Lab (at TVHS). 
Fashioned after BIF’s model and Google’s 20% innovation time andkool bean kids‘s research project.
1. Facilitate student-centric (innovative/passion fed) courses for TSDstart out w/secondary only?
Students eligible for these courses will have completed required highschool coursework via State Standards for their grade level. Efficient/intense content acquisition needed may be included as part of their designed course.(ie)

Example courses: music composition, japanese, etc…

similar to scenario in disrupting class, classes not currently offered/invented in our district, overseen by expert individual tutors, and collaborated within plns.

For some students – their passion is the “boxed” content… their work would become a valuable resource for the rest of the school (district) as their time would/could be spent making and housing tutorials.

a) Facilitate connections to info and people (via twitter/triiibes/ed plns).
b) Submit courses/expert for credit approval (via district curriculum guidelines/committee.)

2Facilitate a course developing student tech experts specifically for hybrid classes. These students would become interns for hybrid teachers.
Example experts: Skype, Promethean, Mobile phone, Twitter,…


3.Facilitate a course developing student media experts specifically for *the newlibrary . These students would become interns for the hybrid librarystaff.
*visions of the new library: A resource house for research/connections/creations – yes – multi-media center. But it would be staffed and designed to house areas such as:
Video expertise – for shooting/editing/publishing. Along with the more expensive equipment most won’t have in their pocket…
Networking expertise … a section would be coffeehouse-like for face-to-face conversations – girded with some type of projector for skyping and global conferencing.
Blogging expertise – girded with laptops for virtual conversations and working/logging.College/Career expertise – for further conversations/research that counselors have started on future plans. Creating/envisioning some of those courses/internships from  #1 above.   
Student voice expertise – to grow/sustain student voice on school site via blog/poll/announcements per text message

LAST BUT …. BUT ACTUALLY WANTING TO GET THIS ROLLING BY END OF FEB 2010.4.Facilitate a course/group developing student media experts for educating their public about these *newpractices/needs for school. These Students would design commercials/advertising etc to educate the community about the need for change in public education.
*ie: the power in networking, the abundance of info, the tools that are needed (netbook vs textbook), budget changes needed, …
The goal is to combine student/teacher voice so that the community is able to hear one clear message… so that changes that need to be made can will be made.
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driven by my…oh so many expert tutors over the last year … steven,
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supported by my dear … tvhs staff and tsd
oh my…., and of course inspired by all my short colleagues, .. the darlingsa brilliant palindrome of hope via my principal
see 4 principles via Kaplan – in Rethinking Higher Ed
it’s all about one-on-one – read about Mark Andrews idiosyncratic ways..