We are exploring what a learning community outside of traditional structures can be. A world where wisdom isn’t marginalized, but where spirited inquiry into life’s meta-questions is actively encouraged. Where communities are given permission to spend time exploring pressing curiosities and are able share their learning and insight back to the wider public.



We’re bringing together fifteen leading young thinkers (entrepreneurs, literary talents, leading artists, DJs and culture hackers) from across art, design, technology and innovation to explore a burning question – one they’ve not had time to fully explore – that touch upon core themes of human agency and wisdom.

Over an 8-week period, 15 participants will deep-dive into one particular question of their choosing. We’ll leverage ancient wisdom traditions and practices from the modern self-directed learning movement to inform the process. Through meditative reflection, interactions with strangers, mash-ups and remixes of personal introspection, their journeys will be shared with a wider public. 

Following their learning immersion, the Wisdom Hackers will share a sermon, offering reflections and a synthesis of what they’ve learned. Sermons will be aggregated into a short compilation, Hacking Wisdom, for release in November 2014.



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