willow jennings-king – horsing around

willow b w

Willow is experimenting with us – using the brain – as a prototype to what a curiosity app might do for us (as non-linear portfolio) in the future – but also as a means to get into university next year.

willow's brain

She blogs here if you’d like to learn more about her passion:

willow co hoofbeats

Willow is currently focusing on working with a horse that she leases, Buster, to get ready to show him in amateur reining shows this spring.

She’s also giving riding lessons to a 9 year old girl, Bella, who is leasing her horse Clifford so that she’ll also be ready to show him this summer in 4-H shows and hopefully the county fair.

Here’s a picture of Willow on Buster – horsing around:

willow on horse