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George Siemens during his live ustream  upei may 19, 201:

One of the difficulties with tech…. since 2000ish – now that we know we should use it…. how should we use it.
We need research labs that focuses on the ed tech problem.
Surprisingly – people are content to just use what’s there and publish a paper.
There are pools of innovation happening all over but no cohesive integrated structure that amplifies the affect of the research.
End of Siemens paraphrase.
Again.. like with Cormier.. this may not be how it played out in his head.. but we’re seeking to act upon what we think is important and what we think he is saying.
Currently – we’re doing great how’s – separately.
We need a new how.
We need a leveling out and a scalable how.
We need to integrate in order to amplify.

Notes from and links to his Knowing Knowledge here.. and updating here: knowing knowledge..

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