what if i like things the way they are

What if I/we like things the way they are?

This isn’t about forcing anything, or getting rid of anything. Public ed should be  – concerning all the people. A people agenda. This is about and ness.

You want to be a doctor? Great. You want to learn to dance, solve world hunger, write code for people, build a treehouse. Super, we can facilitate that.

The benefit to those (most likely 10%) who truly love school as is, they won’t be spending 7 hours a day in spaces with a lot of people who aren’t choosing to be there. That means, less time on classroom management. That means, your professor/teacher will be fresh, because they will have spent less of their time on professional development for classroom management, and test prep, and test feedback, et al. That means you will have more resources and funds to do the things you need/want to be doing/experimenting with. [Again because of less time/money/energy on prepping/training/doing classroom management – most often to little avail. Unless you count research saying now 95% of people admit to cheating as success.]

The biggest issue is, who’s deciding what matters.

Make sure it’s you. You are the only one in charge of the day, for you, until the day you die. Make it count.

Once you decide, cool, we can facilitate that. Even on a daily basis of changing your mind. That means you get to hit refresh every day.

This is about uncovering 7 bn curiosities everyday.. which begs going deep enough to get to.. ie: science of people ness and free-will ness

If equity is everyone getting a go every day.. redefining public education becomes revolution of everyday life.. aka: global equity