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…a book author, journalist, editor, former broadcaster, social entrepreneur, mother of two adult daughters, and step-grandmother of two. I also consider myself to be an agent of change. When I was barely out of my teens, I recognized the need for rethinking how we work, play, and educate ourselves in order to restore the planet’s social and ecological balance. For the last forty-plus years, my mission has been to help people understand the interconnections within the web of life on Earth and to encourage everyone to challenge the assumptions inherent in the often conflicting choices we make in our daily lives.

I co-founded my company Life Media with my husband Rolf in 1976 as The Alternate Press to publish books and Natural Life Magazine. Rolf and I still love, live, and work together. These days, Natural Life Magazine is prospering as a digital magazine and continues to help its readers to integrate natural parenting, green living, sustainable housing, socially and environmentally responsible self-employment, organic gardening, and natural healing into an ecologically responsible lifestyle.


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Educator and psychologist Jerome Bruner wrote in his 1966 book Toward a Theory of Instruction that, “The will to learn becomes a ‘problem’ only under specialized circumstances like those of a school, where a curriculum is set, students confined, and a path fixed. The problem exists not so much in learning itself, but in the fact that what the school imposes often fails to enlist the natural energies that sustain spontaneous learning.”