welcome script


we’re thinking of this space as a wikipedia-style kickstarter.


one of our visions is to share a story,
in order to garner some no-strings-attached funding,
in order to prototype a vision/solution,
toward unleashing the world to a breathtaking betterness,
through the vehicle of public education.

we seek to model, as best we can, in this limited space – perpetual beta.
to share, while doing/being.

rather than to share, by presenting something,
that is then in a sense, dying,
while it holds its breath for approval’s sake.

in this realm, please take into account, that everything on the site is incomplete and changing.
glimpses of remixing.. of alive-ness.

along the same lines, please take into account, that nothing on the site was created/happened/became/is-becoming – for the sake of proof.
everything is just an instantaneous peek into an idea/insight/connection.

by design.
too big to know.

another vision is for 100% of humanity to be the story.

perhaps figuring out what matters most….matters most.

you come too.

have the day you have.