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above interview via levo league office hours – interview by Carolin Ghosn


saturday, january 21, 2012

warren buffet

looking into him – via @johnsonwhitney
@johnsonwhitney – liking… more a question of culture than controls.. ~Warren Buffett http://t.co/gIDfmmPn v @mikehenrysrwikipedia
the bookwould love to meet up with him.. discuss the vision of an economy that doesn’t spend 14 mill on race to the top, 650 bill on ed – [most of which is used for racing to the top – and of course the pd for classroom management because we’re racing and forgetting people]for starters..

friday, february 10, 2012


Mark Barnes (@markbarnes19)
New post: Why Obama’s NCLB waivers aren’t what he says they areow.ly/1hhCPu

Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and Tennessee are the first states to win the controversial waivers, Obama announced Thursday, but there is a catch. Instead of following the law that was president George W. Bush’s signature education initiative, the states had to agree to follow the key education reforms championed by Obama’s Education Department. States are swapping one president’s education vision for another, and both involve the overuse of high-stakes standardized tests.

spot on.
we’re seeking a waiver of waivers..
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“Do one thing everyday that scares you.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt
imagine if the one thing that scares you, is way less risky than what we’re doing as routine..
imagine if it’s the thing that could change the world for good.

collaboratory, one small test base to really be bold about change:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aWMcnasb_sBhSfRnbfuqQLQBLVXPebP4Jbtcr2a71PA/edit?hl=en_US

For the freeing up of people to partake, we are requesting a waiver of waivers: a year sabbatical for any who so chooses in our district, as we time lapse the last 2 years (of this 4 year plan to redefine school crafted by kids) into one year. We are not interested at all in raising test scores, we are interested in raising people. Their hopes, their dreams, their children, their souls.

monday, february 13, 2012

warren buffet

my email to Warren:

dear Warren Buffet..
just finished Connor’s Warren Buffet on Business.
just attended yet another teen suicide funeral.
have spent the last four years:
immersed in intense research and prototyping ways to redefine the 7 hours a day we call school. in a space of permission, listening to students without an agenda. an incredibly breathtaking incubator. the result is brilliant. it’s pumping adrenaline into souls. it’s providing hospice to people within the system.
next phase:
a collaboratory… national and global research center.
we can’t not share what we’ve learned: how to set a person free to be themselves.
we can’t not share this next phase: how to set a community free for gatherings that matter.
i’m certain you will fall in love with what we are up to, this quiet revolution.
it’s going to change the world.
to see doc on collaboratory: http://tinyurl.com/83oe2px
warm regards..
sent an email every week for several months…

wednesday, april 11, 2012

Warren buffet


monday, november 12, 2012

warren buffet


money should free you from things

Even though he loves the plane, Buffett says he would give it up — for the Internet. “I would gladly pay half my net worth just to have that kind of information available to me. They haven’t figured out how to charge me what it’s worth. That’s one of the problems they’ve got.”

thanks Amy





on tax – with Bill Gates: