4 min – vapor.. meaningless.. everything and everyone is a vapor.. here for a few moments.. and then gone.. a sobering thought can be depressing.. or absolutely freeing

can be like most everyone else and go around ignoring this fact.. numbing ourselves.. to the truth of our humanity .. or maybe there’s another way.. embrace it.. recognize our humble place in this universe.. the silliness of arrogance and empire.. and perhaps as a result.. we can learn to really appreciate the moments we have.. as the gifts that they are

5 min – so what do you worry about today.. do you really think it is any less silly.. than what you worried about as a child.. your job/apt/school-loans.. vapor.. everything and everyone you love and worry about.. it’s all vapor

6 min – how many moments on the pale blue dot do we spend stressed and worrying about the vapor

ecclesiastes.. vanity of human toil and worry..

come to me.. all you who are weary.. and i will give you rest.. for my yoke is easy and my burden is light

so what are you so worried about.. what causes you stress.. because it’s going to the dirt.. like everything and everyone else.. it is vapor.. mist.. smoke..

7 min – doesn’t have to be depressing.. finitude is what makes life sweet..

so take a breath.. recognize your frailty.. that the things that feel so weighty.. are nothing but vapor.. lungs keeping you alive.. w/o your ability to do that or not..

life on earth is a gift.. and you only get it for as long as you get it

written read by Michael Gungor – @michaelgungor –

In 2014, Gungor and his wife began collaborating with other artists and releasing music as “The Liturgists”, which he calls “an experimental art collective”. This is also the title of their podcast, which discusses topics through the lenses of science, art and faith

Michael Gungor and his wife Lisa live in Los Angeles, California with their two daughters, Amelie and Lucette. They wrote the song “Light” for their younger daughter, born in May 2014, who has Down syndrome

In 2007, Michael and Lisa Gungor founded a non-denominational church community called Bloom, but have since dissociated themselves from the church

on bloom church site:

Bloom began as just a few friends that started meeting together at Michael and Lisa Gungor’s home. The Gungors moved to Denver at the end of 2006 from Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Michael and Lisa had been music leaders at a large church for six years. They felt their hearts stirred to resign from that job and to move to Denver to learn how to live as the church in a new and more meaningful way.

Our dream as a community is to see God’s future world begin to emerge here and now.

Both by planting and cultivating a vibrant network of house churches where people can experience a deeply formative life together

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Michael Gungor explores how clinging to our most important stories imprisons us in suffering.

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