(unschool) stories

every0ne is diff

You are what the world needs. Just work on that (you), be/become that.

Stories of people being/becoming themselves. [please email if you’d like to add or be added.]

plan/desire is to add people from Rick’s and Chris’s and Yaacov’s and Manish’s and James’s … books, et al..

  • guy who just learned the swedish harp instrument and swedish culture 
  • kid who geeked out (like touch) on baseball – alone – with a brick wall and a tennis ball
  • kid who just focused on soccer for 3 years
  • lots on wildness


mixed fish

Perhaps we no longer separate/label:

black/white, american/russian, teacher/student, et al, …

because, perhaps, we’re all too intricately remixed for that.


unschooling – what is it? – HoltFarengaGray, …. many more

working on – documenting unschooling

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survey of grown unschoolers via Peter Gray: