tom vander ark

tom vander ark bw

1. customization (school of one) – ready for each other.. but curious for each other?

2. motivation – if go with curiosity don’t need #1 or #2, and is a disruptively sustainable #3, no?

3. equalization

(cure)(city) – ness


thursday, september 27, 2012

tom vander ark

Join me today, Thursday, September 27th, for a one-hour live and interview with Tom Vander Ark on his book, Getting Smart: How Digital Learning is Changing the World. Tom is founder of, and also CEO of Open Education Solutions and a partner in Learn Capital, a venture capital firm investing in learning content, platforms, and services with the goal of transforming educational engagement, access, and effectiveness. Previously he served as President of the X PRIZE Foundation and was the Executive Director of Education for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation where he implemented $3.5 billion in scholarship and grant programs. Tom was the first business executive to serve as public school superintendent in Washington State. A prolific writer and speaker, Tom has published thousands of articles and blogs. In December 2006, Newsweek readers voted Tom the most influential baby boomer in education.
Chris writes about Tom a bit here.