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whoa Noam.. you were right, so very resonating.

It felt like Knowmads and Palomar5 – at a uni.

And .. well.. it felt like us.


THE PIONEERS LAB – A Learning Laboratory from The Learning Lab on Vimeo.

Favorite part – about 38 min in..

we are doing it. this is it. we are learning.

40 min in – Otto Scharmer, Theory U.

46 min in – after – useful for what – point of view [the vital piece of finding/grokking what matters to you]

i think setbacks only make you stronger, that’s how you get to know who you are, and how to go on, which is just great.

toward the beginning – when they are sorting out the sticky notes.. the vision of the app. so imagine more people involved.. so people don’t have to all do the same thing…there are enough people for every person to be do their deepest mattering – with a healthy group of others that feel the same. every day anew. groundhog’s day. 50 first dates.

In 2010, a group of twenty Honors students enrolled in a leadership course at The Learning Lab (offered at the IIS Honours Program of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), with the vague description ‘Pioneering in Leadership Learning’.

With the help of the course’s designer Thieu Besselink, a league of inspiring speakers, an open learning environment and a bucket-load of creative chaos, the students embarked on an unlikely inner and outer journey.

This documentary, directed by Victor van Doorn and Jochem Smit shows the student’s progression from talented scholars, to driven social entrepreneurs and ultimately, directors of their own education.

“Amazing, the best hour I spent on education all year”
Sebastian Hirsch, education reformer

“Beautiful, I was in tears. ..The world was waiting for this kind of film”
Martijn Aslander, life hacker

“The film had me at the edge of my seat. Completely inspiring”
Olga Plokhooij, Netherlands in Dialogue

The Learning Lab is an independent studio and think tank founded by dr. Thieu Besselink. It develops and hosts creative learning environments for higher education and organisations at the crossroads of personal and social development.


launching knowmad society


Thieu Besselink (@Besselink) tweeted at 5:31 AM – 4 May 2019 :
Building the #herenboeren nature inclusive community farm in Loenen with our Herenboeren academy. Participants need eachother’s experience and wisdom to do the near impossible. #inspiring…