the armory

Jason founded the Armory:the armory

How It Works

The Armory is about joining a community, not merely signing a lease. It is about people, not just desks.  Our space has been created for the independent professional who does not want to work in isolation.

We recognize that individuals have unique needs related to their work.  Our customized memberships have been designed to create community and give as much flexibility as possible.  While we have several different seating options, the majority of our desks are community desks.  These members are not able to leave anything on site.  Simply bring your laptop, and we’ll provide the coffee.

Tips for coworking at The Armory:

  • We encourage prospective members to take advantage of our free day pass before selecting a membership.
  • Bring headphones if you need to work undisturbed.
  • Welcome those around you.  Building a community begins with the members.
  • Try out the different desks until you find your favorite seat.
  • Be open to giving to and benefiting from the community.
  • Use the phone booth or the conference room for extended phone or Skype calls.
  • Reserve the conference room using the shared calender (all monthly members are given access).


February 28, is my final day operating the Armory. (Jason)

The web development company next door, Radial Development Group, will be taking over ownership of the space tomorrow.  I am grateful that the space, the community will live on past my involvement and for Ben & Rebekah West taking on the Armory.  Their commitment to keeping the Armory as a resource for the community and a place to connect makes me proud to hand off The Armory to them.