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I’ve done a number of these primetime specials on education for PBS, but I must confess that this one, in many ways, was the most depressing yet inspiring one that I’ve produced. When you look these kids in the eyes and discover that they’ve been expelled from school or locked up for things such as gum-chewing, truancy, talking in class or alcohol and drug abuse, your heart bleeds. Schools have literally become gateways to prison, instead of gateways to learning. When we wrapped filming, I kept thinking to myself, “There has to be a better way.” Thankfully, there is.

education under arrest

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It was completely unfair. I felt all of this was so wrong. How come, out of the whole situation, I was the only one put out of my comfort zone?”

The sixth episode of TAVIS SMILEY REPORTS, “Education Under Arrest,


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what do we do with kids we’ve decided to fear? we lock them up

judge jimmie edwards – believes since he was appointed instead of elected – he can go back and question the laws of 1988 – to lock them up..  – innovative concept academy

26 min in – dang – adults feeling like they can’t do what they believe is right.. they are letting the law tell them what to do.. even when they believe it is wrong.

dang – crazy that we can’t think past a school building, and teaching math.. et al

“do what your supposed to do to get out of school” – yeah – that’s motivating


sounds like Giroux’s disposable youth


interview with Carl Hart:

“The politics of respectability has done serious harm.” – CarlHart… fb.me/7ixuMx0Z6


time in england… critical.. and english speaking country that had a critique on the u.s. ie: on racism

i point all this out in high price, ie: my mentors et al, so that people realize.. i’m not special..

we are led to believe that it’s the drugs that has caused people to be the way they are.. yet 80-90% don’t have problems with it.. so you can’t blame the drug.. when you provide people w/alternatives.. they will use the alternatives if they are attractive.. what’s surprising is how the public has ignored the facts… in science ie: saying this isn’t right..

why won’t scientific community won’t say more about this..  1\they don’t have to face society with these questions 2\they are benefitting financially

i work hard at being the best at what i do so i can be who i am..

(above answer) when asked how he gets away with dressing/looking like he does with a high profile position..

rest of video here:


the politics of respectability has done so much harm.

if i would have gotten huffy and puffy – the good folks would not have heard what i had to say

23 min – on high price – the book is hybrid: memoir/science/policy:

1\ memoir: you don’t have to be perfect to make a contribution in society;

2\ science: you’ve been lied to, misled, about how awful drugs are. drugs have been used as a scapegoat not to deal with the real problems that poor people face. (not to say drugs aren’t potentially dangerous)

3\ policy: since many of our assumptions about drugs are wrong – we should start to think about changing public policy, ie: de criminalize all drugs..