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[los angeles, ca]

Named one of the “25 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World” by the Utne Reader, Tani Ikeda is an award-winning director who creates narratives, documentaries, music videos, and commercial films. She co-founded imMEDIAte Justice Productions, which now spans the globe with Summer Camps taught in Beijing, China and Kampala, Uganda.

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Tani on connected learning hangout:

tani on cl

finding a way to dream bigger.. than whatever activists are thinking about that issue

it’s really on the level of imagination and encouraging people to continue to dream.. that’s where we’re really going to find exciting and inspiring models of how we can transform society..

love her re-iterations throughout the hangout.. on the blurring of people/issues.. like learning to dance between/with it all..


Tani co-founded immediate justice:

immediate justice

Our mission is to encourage girls to imagine a just world by telling their untold stories of gender and sexuality through film. We believe young women can have a strong and positive impact on their communities if given the tools to amplify their voice.


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