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Don’t kill your language

More and more, English is a global language; speaking it is perceived as a sign of being modern. But — what do we lose when we leave behind our mother tongues? Suzanne Talhouk makes an impassioned case to love your own language, and to cherish what it can express that no other language can. In Arabic with subtitles. (Filmed at TEDxBeirut.)

Suzanne Talhouk is an advocate for the Arabic language as a tool of power, pride and unity.

dec 2012 tedxberuit

resonated much with schooling the world ness..


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About the Society

Society was established under the act is aware of the news and 574 and the initiative of civil society activists in Lebanon to coincide with the announcement of Beirut World Book Capital, which launched a campaign in which preserving the Arabic language.

Assembly and has worked since the first day on the floor building cultural and social background in order to help in the development of cultural awareness when a young Arab generation, particularly in relation to the importance of language and its relation to the direct production of identity and creative cultural sustainable.

From here and because of the importance of language in the survival of peoples speaking out in contributing to the production of cultural and creative, relied Association do is to launch a campaign “to preserve the Arabic language” to decisions emanating from the World Conference on “the right of peoples to maintain their native language” and considered this the right one human rights and in Barcelona in June 1996.

Assembly held a press conference in January 2010, and launched through a campaign “to preserve the Arabic language,” where he distinguished himself in the presence of many intellectuals who truly care about our culture, our language, in addition to the media presence is remarkable, Votalaat Assembly person of its president Suzanne Talhouk present the objectives of the campaign and its importance in building Bridges connect with the younger generation. With the help of all cultured and linguistic all keen believer that the evolution of language, depth and vitality is only a guide to the development of cultural, economic and scientific community, P “as long as our language, our culture, and as long as we have a culture, we can continue on the ground.”

Assembly implemented the first part of the campaign, under the slogan “Bgak from the Middle … bettered from the West.” And include a campaign to preserve the mother tongue active race in the Arab world, a “Festival of Language,” which intends to “do something” in cooperation and partnership with the Arab Thought Foundation organized a full-day, where will contain the activities of several shows over the correlation of human language and its importance in contributing to the production of creative culture in various fields of poetry, painting, dancing, singing and other

Our initiative has been met with media support, and a huge hit, prompting some journalists to say that this campaign is one of the most prominent activities Beirut World Book Capital funded primary campaign for the launch. What happened so far makes us aware of the importance of the continuation of this campaign, and puts us in front of a great responsibility.

Omar our association months, but months of work Drudge has yielded a surprising result for us and the observers, and for the continuity necessary to embrace this initiative, morally and financially, and here we start Our first step of the journey of a thousand miles, support key to success for us and for Bannanyen and Arabs whole, so we hope positive response with us. 

The objectives of the Association “do something”

1 – Developing the ability of the younger generation through the provision of ground-cultural background and social occasion for the launch and contribute to building an effective Arab community

2 – to maintain our culture, our language and our literature by showing the importance and depth of our heritage and our history, our language

3 – Work on the deployment of Arab culture and make it accessible to everyone