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adding page because-of/from Alain Testart‘s – The Significance of Food Storage among Hunter-Gatherers: Residence Patterns, Population Densities, and Social Inequalities (1982) pdf:

testart storage law:

Thus storage expresses a distrust of nature, and whenever nature is viewed as a divinity whose blessing and unlimited generosity is praised the act of storing is irreverent or sacrilegious at the same time as it constitutes in the social order a transgression of the rule of sharing..t

In addition to a fundamental alteration in ideology and social relations, storage is often, though not always, connected with a tendency towards the development of individual ownership. Where there is individual property, the development of wealth leads to the emergence of economic inequalities. .

h & n property law

Agriculturalists and storing huntergatherers together are neatly in opposition to nonstoring hunter-gatherers.

The conclusion to be drawn is that it is certainly not the presence of agriculture or its absence which is the relevant factor when dealing with such societies, but rather the presence or absence of an economy with intensive storage as its cornerstone..t

agri surplus

testart storage law