stephen jenkinson

stephen jenkinson bw

[ottawa valley, canada]

intro’d to Stephen via this short film by Ian MacKenzie

The Making of Humans

Published on Mar 5, 2014

The relentless pursuit of self reliance and self improvement is rooted in our lost connection to common stories, homeland and ancestors that bind and unite us. The times now demand that we recognize the world’s suffering in our own.

it’s in the nature of being human to forget how to be one now and then…

indigenous people …have found a way.. an understanding of being human.. that includes.. the temporary amnesia about being one…

the beautiful thing… is sometimes things happen in life – when you’re not looking at all

i naively thought of it in those days as some kind of meeting place, some kind of gathering, where the standard lunges toward sanity could be replaced by something more akin to learning…

it’s certain it will never happen because who else is dreaming such a dream

i just stopped being somewhere else. that’s all. i just stopped being somewhere else for a while. now this is what it looks like.

there’s a lot of confusion amongst young people, about what they’re supposed to do with themselves…

a constant, beneath the surface, sense, that it’s not supposed to be like this..


Stephen founded the orphan wisdom school in 2010.