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President and Executive Producer at Mobile Digital Arts

Jeff introduced us to Stephen, who came to Loveland several times to record some goings on for a PBS documentary.


PBS release date: Sept 3, 2013

go to link below for video trailer..


is school enough video series


The first screening was at Harvard – Is School Enough.

Here is the video recording of the after panel:

I love what Steve says about 17 min in – when he’s responding to – how do those distractions get re-centered, or become the center (tried to capture accurately):

I wouldn’t describe the things that we saw as distractions.. the thing we were trying to do,’s not really about the individual story as success stories, it’s how that story represents something bigger than that. Sierra’s story is about how she’s resourced the community both off and online to figure out what she wants to do, to learn about what she wants to do.. she’s really expanding her knowledge base to all these untapped resources both online and offline.

The other thing we wanted to do was to show stories of kids doing really important work, that is too often lacking in the classroom. I mean they’re asked to do work, .. but are they asked to do things that are important to people other than their classmates or teacher, are they asked to do things that are important to their community and so forth. I would say, the most important thing for us to tell… that these are important distractions.. 

[huge grazie to Stephen for his work with Sierra – and obviously many other important stories]


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